achieves HIGH PERFORMANCE • Transferring fixed costs to variable costs
• Increasing efficiencies
• Reducing risks
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By outsourcing your business's processes to Programmed Process Outsourcing, you can optimise efficiencies and flexibility; and can lower operating costs. You benefit from being able to release valuable resources such as capital and people to focus on core activities that grow and retain your business; while we focus on meeting and exceeding the production, quality and delivery goals for the outsourced business processes. Contact Us

Banner-2-wording-e manufacturing, production, retail, distribution, financial back-office support,
debt collecting, call centre management & support, human resources,
talent management, temporary employment staffing management,
industrial relations, & more...

Process outsourcing is a valuable strategy for businesses looking to achieve high performance
by controlling costs, reducing risk, developing collaboration, increasing transparency
and growing their bottom line.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been acknowledged as an important factor that can help companies remain agile, contain costs & stay ahead of competition.

In the context of the dynamic global economic forces, companies today are looking to remodel their businesses in ways that are more flexible, on demand & beneficial for the long-term. Management across various organisations are outsourcing key business processes, to accelerate growth & gain competitive advantage in this global environment.

Outsourcing is not about what you can subtract from a business, it's about what you can add. PPO transforms existing processes to make them leaner, smarter & faster; & all the while reducing the cost. By outsourcing some of your business processes to PPO, you would receive excellent results over a wide range of tasks, & would benefit from expanding your team & pool of expertise.

PPO takes full responsibility for various processes related to human resources management & administration to provide a skilled workforce, supervision & management required to meet a client's output at suitable productivity-related remuneration models.

We remove frustrations by managing core & non-core processes outsourced by companies & optimise the labour intensive processes to maximise the efficiencies.

PPO also manage IR & disciplinary matters, implements systems & controls to minimise costs (shifts rosters, biometric clocking, online output reports, daily profit reports, management, supervision & online support), conducts work & time & motion studies to optimise output capacity.

The essence of the model is to transfer fixed costs into variable costs which are linked to performance outputs that are more beneficial for business and staff.

PPO can proactively improve the ability to execute & prioritise work across the processes, ensuring flexibility & gain critical competitive advantage by driving productivity, training & development.

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The key to a successful outsourcing project is to find a partner with the right approach and experience. Programmed Process Outsourcing has the national scale, flexibility and technology expertise to deliver successful process outsourcing projects. We have successful partnerships with a number of Top100 brands. This has given Programmed Process Outsourcing the perspective to help clients to see opportunities, as well as the capabilities to help seize them. The success of the Business Process Outsourcing contracts we currently manage are built on a long-term relationship with our clients. We become an extension of our client's business as we fully entrench ourselves in the respective processes and output performance. It is with this understanding that we develop custom solutions that are high-performing and risk-mitigating for our clients. Contact Us

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